CY0 Sable Island


October 2013 – Success!!

Team: WA4DAN & AA4VK
Unfortunately, had to depart early, after only four days due to Hurricane Sandy

cy0.ht12 cy0.ht13

cy0.ht14 cy0.ht15

cy0.ht16 cy0.ht17

cy0.ht18 cy0.ht19

cy0.ht20 cy0.ht21

cy0.ht22 cy0.ht23

cy0.ht24 cy0.ht25

cy0.ht26 cy0.ht29

cy0.ht28 cy0.ht27

December 2010 – Unsuccessful attempt due to Weather

Team: WA4DAN, N0TG, & AA4VK
Unfortunately, we were not able to depart due to a storm at Sable Island

Team at Plane 1024  pilot 93f18ba4 Randy_and_Plane DSC_0438    Murray and Gaps DSC_0436

Sable Island – Simulation

Location: Core Banks on the North Carolina OBX


IMG00035 DSCN1466IMG00036 DSCN1470 DSCN1473 DSCN1474 DSCN1476 IMG00031 N0TG-AA4VK HF2V DSCN1479 IMG00034